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Whether you are new to the backcountry or you’ve been playing in the mountains for years, Avalanche Skills Training is a crucial tool that will help you stay safe. There are a range of courses available from local course suppliers and the Yukon Avalanche Association works regularly with Avalanche Canada to bring courses to the north.

Get introduced to avalanches and what causes them, learn how to prepare for a trip, read weather data and snow conditions and what to do if you are caught in a slide.

Local Course Suppliers

Avalanche Canada maintains a list of providers by region as well as their contact info and specialities.

Below are the current course providers in Yukon:

Avalanche Canada Courses

Avalanche Canada facilitates avalanche safety in Canada by developing nationally recognized avalanche course standards and by providing support and instructional materials to independent instructors who deliver Avalanche Skills Training (AST) programs. Persons considering enrollment in AST programs are urged to inquire about the training, experience and instructional history of the course intructor(s), and satisfy themelves that the AST program they are considering will meet their needs. Avalanche Canada course listings including courses held in the north can be found by following the links below: