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POW (in town)

As I left Fraser yesterday there was light snow and moderate winds. 3cm was recorded overnight. By the time I had finished skiing at Mt Mac there was 10cm on my truck. Its possible this is just a timing thing, but, based on the automated weather station at Fraser recording 2cm since I left, and the IR satellite from 5.30pm looking like this:

I’m tempted to say that the storm we just saw pretty much missed our more coastal mountains and hammered us here in town. Please feel free to hit the pass and prove me wrong!

But wait, there’s more…

A forecasted low trough should move down the coast towards Haida Gwaii today into tomorrow. It should leave us in the clear.

However, the IR and WV satelites seem to indicate this storm is further NorthWest and stronger than projected, so it’ll be interesting to see what happens as it makes landfall (which should be about now)



At YAAFRA 10:00 15th Feb, Overcast skies, -5, Moderate SW winds, light snow. We received 3cm in the past 24hrs.

For the Forecast (low confidence):

In Whitehorse, expect continuing overcast skies, moderate Westerly winds and light precipitation (maybe??). Temperature should remain steady.

For White Pass, expect continuing overcast skies, probable breaking to clear conditions Saturday, moderate Westerly winds decreasing and becoming Northerly and light precipitation (maybe??). Temperature should remain steady, ahead of rapid cooling Sunday.

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